Programme for 2018



Wessex Hand Club Meeting 2018
Friday 11th May 2018

8:30am to 6:00pm
08:30 Registration and coffee
09:00 Welcome to Salisbury  Mr Rod Dunn
09:10 Mr John Barron & the Wessex Hand Club Mr Bob McDowall
09:30 UK Hand Fellowships Mr Marios Nicolaou
09:45 A tale of two arm replants Miss Alex Crick
10:15 Life without limbs without limits Mr Jonathan White
11:15 Children’s Hand Surgery ….. so far? Professor Simon Kay
11:45 Poland’s Syndrome – the inside story Mr Ian Grant
12:15 Neurophysiology for Hand Surgeons Dr R Arunachalam
12:45 LUNCH
13:45 Free tissue transfer in the Upper Limb in perspective Professor Simon Kay
14:30 Odstock cases – lessons learned Mr Rod Dunn
15:00 Hand Surgery: A history and some reflections on the future Mr David Shewring
16:00 Hand injuries from the woodwork industry Ms Stephanie Hili
16:20 Teaching patients how to move again Mrs Lucy Webb, Ms Alexa Crook
16:40 Congenital hand cases  Mr Rod Dunn
17:00 Questions and case discussions All
18:30 Dinner at the Cathedral refectory